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Academic Science Buidling

Academic Science Buidling


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Construction began on the University of Kentucky's new Academic Science Building (ASB) in Fall 2014. Scheduled to open in Fall 2016, the building’s design places integrated, engaged learning as its centerpiece.


The ASB project will be a new three story laboratory building located on the 600 block of Rose Street between Hilltop Avenue and Huguelet Street. Including the partial basement and the penthouse space above the third floor, the building will have a floor area of approximately 240,000 square feet.


Plans for the upcoming ASB emphasize environmental responsibility, utilizing natural light, outdoor teaching areas and potential rainwater recycling. But the value of the ASB's design extends far beyond its construction - the innovative lecture halls and classrooms inside will help the College realize its dream of improving science education through exciting new models of engaged in-class teaching. The teaching space in the ASB will be composed of next-generation lecture halls and groundbreaking TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) classrooms.

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